What is AngouriMath?

Well, first of all, it's a computer/symbolic algebra library. Say, are you familiar with SymPy? If so, think of AngouriMath as of something similar, but for .NET. It's .NET, after all, which is going to rule the programming world, not python.

If you don't know SymPy, AngouriMath can be similar to Wolfram|Alpha in some way. You can manipulate so-called symbolic expressions, that is, mathematical expressions written within a normal human notation (aka with functions, operators, etc.), and variables.

How can it be used?

Unlike Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), AM is a library. That is, you may embed it in any your project without learning a web-api, having to pay money for machine loads, etc. You press the button "Install", and there you go, unlimited use of it.

Now, how about where? I'd say that you may want to use it in:

Is there a better solution?

Although it depends, if you are looking for a supported and powerful symbolic algebra library in .NET, we're afraid it's the only possible choice. There are a few which can perform some basic operations, even those that can, they mostly don't have any solvers, limits, and other features with which AM stands out.

Nonetheless, we're constantly developing the library. Any issue will be answered within a day or sooner. If you even don't have a day, ask us directly.

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