What is AngouriMath?

AngouriMath is an open-source symbolic algebra library. That is, via AngouriMath, you can automatically solve equations, systems of equations, work with sets, differentiate, parse from string, print latex from an expression, compile expressions, find limits, work in Jupyter, and many more!

It is not a CAS, so you can use it in any your project by installing it from NuGet. AngouriMath can be used in calculators, algebra systems, educational/quiz apps, graphics, TeX rendering applications, etc.

It is free to use even in commercial projects. We work on it a lot, so your requests on issues are likely to be considered within a few hours. The project is developed by Angouri and outside contributors.

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The project is licensed under MIT license. You can use AngouriMath in open-source, closed, free, and commercial projects with no restrictions.

But we appreciate your mention of AngouriMath in your project.



Since it is an open-source project, it is being developed by enthusiasts with no monetary reward. Nonetheless, we genuinely believe in the success of AngouriMath. If you agree with us, you may start contributing to it!

First, we recommend joining our Discord server. That is where you can ask questions, see what we are working on, help with decisions and design of the API. Then, as a general approach, we recommend the following algorithm:

So that we can see what you are working on and could help or correct if you are doing something wrong.

If in doubts or trouble, do not hesitate to ask questions!

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