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Here we will cover using AngouriMath in real projects, where it is important to provide safety and security.


Every exception thrown by AngouriMath is derived from AngouriMathBaseException. Although we still recommend catching particular exceptions rather than catching this one, it is important to be able to catch all exceptions thrown by a library. AngouriBugException is thrown when an internal error occured in AngouriMath. It is almost certainly that the error happened on AM's side, so we ask you to report about it to the official repository if it happens. It will help us fix it quickly and release an update sooner. FutureReleaseException is thrown when the required feature is not implemented yet. If you encoutered this exception, make sure that you are on the latest version. If you are, probably it only remains to wait for the feature. Nonetheless, feel free to make a feature request to let us know that it is needed. All exceptions are documented, so if encountered an unknown one, we recommend you checking it on the Almanac or documentation in-code.

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